Quite often we tend to create a perception about certain things based on hearsay or media hype and start believing in them. As far as these escorts as adult entertainers are concerned, you must have also heard many things about them.

However, when you really get an opportunity to have an encounter with them then it is quite possible that you may even get a surprise. All escorts cannot be painted same.

Following are few things that you may find if you hire any escort from Lovesita.com.

1. They have clean medical record

Often people tend to think that these escorts or adult entertainers are primary source of sexually transmitted disease, however the fact is many of them are having very clean medical record as they always prefer to safe sex.

2. They are not drug addicts

Most of the movies have projected them as drug or alcohol addicts but it is just the opposite. Any drug or alcohol addict will not be in a position to entertain their sophisticated clients who are usually from high social background.

3. They are kinkier

Just because they may allow you to have access to their private parts does not mean they all are kinkier. You will find many girls in the mainstream may also have much darker fantasises than any of these escorts.

4. They may have few sex partners

Most people believe that these escorts are mostly sex addicts but the fact is many of them may have very few or no regular sex partner. Quite a few students often join this profession to pay their college fees for some time and then leave the profession.

5. Adult service providers may not be crazy

Not all adult entertainers come from broken up family or with a darker background. They are also normal humans like any of you and engaged in this profession to fulfil certain objectives of their life.

6. Escorts too have certain standards

Often people think that these escorts are here for money and you can make them do anything by luring with money.

However, the fact is that they too have certain standards and you cannot expect them to cross the boundary line just by flaunting your money.

7. They are misfit for society

Though they are in dark profession and usually keep their real identity confidential from society as people do not see this profession with respect. However, they too are part of the society and can also merge with them.

8. Their family life too can be better

Usually we tend to think that children of any broken family only join in such profession but this may not be always true. You can also find people from good family back ground are also involved in this profession due to various reasons.

9. They can be fairly intelligent too

Quite a few of these escorts may be of very good educational background and can be quite intelligent too. May be certain circumstances have forced them to enter into this profession.

10. Escorts never marry their clients

Often people think that if an escort find a rich old man then she will be ready to get married and be an owner of rich property. There may be certain instances like that but same may not be true with all.

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