It’s sure that riding solo no longer feels as passionately as we got some companies in our vehicle. They are all incredible to take a ride with friends, acquaintances and even our lovely pets. However, there is a potential problem that usually emerges within our parade and spoils every good mood. Exactly what I mention here is flea and their all annoying issues. In this article, let’s have a look at flea in car and some useful treatments to remove this bloodsucking pest permanently.

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Potential risk of flea in Car

First of all, it’s better to understand which way flea can invade our car and how dangerous it is. In general, cars and vehicles always look very clean and clever with shiny covers and interior parts that are really tidy and modern. However, there are many clusters and corners inside a car which are preferable shelters for tiny fleas hide in. Most of infestation is from an incidental hitchhiking of flea thought car users or pets. When we and pets meet fleas in outside environment, fleas easily catch the vector’s skins, clothes to enter our car and find out ideal hidden shelters. Flea naturally has excellent fertility to accelerate in a short duration. Just after a few days, our car would be dominated by a great number of fleas and it continuously develops to more serious problem. In additions, flea problem is the cause of many terrible problems and deadly diseases, including fever, murine typhus, tapeworms.

In the second place, it is about flea treatment. In practical side, many users have insufficient awareness of it. Below recommendation are several steps to remove flea in a car. I will divide it into three main steps to follow which would be better for your understanding and adaptation.

Cleaning your Car

Whenever flea manifestation emerges, cleaning would be in the first priority. It not only helps remove a part of fleas, but also is an advanced condition for further steps. At this stage, you can collect all removable equipment out of your car and take washable ones a soapy laundry. For furry furniture such as a blanket or carpet, it is better to use some desiccants in order to keep them dry and airy. After that, we need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove all clusters in the rest of the car. Remember to check all corners before taking the next action: steaming. Steaming is really effective with flea in car. Fleas scare of high temperature, usually at 36 Celsius degree or more. Make sure your car is clean and ready for the next step.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Car

Flea Treatment

After cleaning, killing flea is your next requirement. For a car, it is advised to take several treatments as “flea spray”, “flea powder”. They are all available on local shop or market with reasonable price. It would be preferable to choose organic-provided productions which are nontoxic environmental friendly. I hope it would be helpful for you to check this website to approach more information.


I always appreciate preventing in flea infestation. They are all easy and effective whenever your car experienced flea problem or not. You should clean car and parking place as usual as possible. On my recommendation, flea trap and desiccant products are available as well.

All above mentioned tips surely are able to remove annoying tiny pests and keep you and your pets in safety. Remember to check my steps that are available. I hope they would be some helps to have comfortable and pleasure moments with your vehicles.