It is of no surprise that Mercedes is an expensive brand to choose your car from. It is quite a stunning piece of art, so timely maintenance is what is required for the car and to last for ages. Getting the car serviced twice or thrice in a year is the best way to maintain your car. It will also provide you with consistent driving experience. So, these are some of the reasons for you to get Mercedes service from an authorized center. But, before you ask a center to help you with your car’s maintenance, you need to learn more about the car’s maintenance practices. For instance, you need to know more about the services included in the package before choosing the center to help you with the services.

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The Time to Service Your Car:

The reliable experts will always advice you to carry out the services as per the manufacturer’s specification. Each model has a different set of services and you have to choose the one you like. In most of the cases, the cars are to be maintained after covering 25K to 30K km of services. You might think that you might not need services every year as you haven’t covered that much kilometer, but it is always mandatory for you to keep the car in proper condition.

Cars which travel short distances are prone to more engine-based issues. It might face oil deterioration, which will lead the engine to wear out even before you knew it. So, even if you haven’t covered that set miles, still going for Mercedes service is a good idea to maintain your car’s performance ratio.

Services You Can Expect to Get:

Through promising servicing packages, the experts will cover all kinds of scheduled maintenance processes. Depending on the mileage and package duration, there would be a fixed price for the Mercedes service available. This will help you to understand the transparent maintenance costs and will also spare you the unpleasant surprises of heavy duty cost at the end of a servicing package.

Types to Cover:

There are practically two types of servicing packages allotted to Mercedes model. Depending on your needs, the packages are subject to change along with the price, set for Mercedes service. So, be sure to go through the different types of packages to identify the one that matches your requirements well.

  • The Mercedes Benz select: This is one of the packages available for people to choose. This package covers all types of scheduled maintenance costs, as specified by the set manufacturer. This package comprises of operational liquids, filters and labor.
  • Mercedes Benz select plus: This is the second package from the lot. Apart from the points mentioned in the previous package, this segment comprises of an additional source of wearing parts. This kind of package is suitable for older versions of cars, or the ones you have bought years before.

Importance of Mercedes Service:

If you end up purchasing Mercedes from a dealer, then your vehicle has to pass through the Mercedes service. Mercedes mostly classify their services through letters. For example, service A is apparently a routine service that every car needs to go through. It happens to be the very first service right after purchasing the car. It is one of the most important services as this servicing helps to identify if the car is functioning well or not and if it needs any kind of maintenance or not.