There may be a numbes of good reasons to love or hate the inflatable, however if you view the matter from cool perspective, it looks like most of its issues are very little to do with the boat itself but more to do about poor buying decision of the owner.

While looking for yacht tenders for sale, it will be worth to know few details about various things related to boats.

PVC versus Hypalon

All inflatable boats are generally constructed with PVC or Hypalon. There is certain trade-off between their price and durability.

1   About PVC

PVC is very popular due to light weight and also easily affordable. PVC can be easily folded and portable. Modern version of PVC is remarkably strong. Few also come with threads that is woven into material.

On the downside about PVC, it will be susceptible to heat and humidity and long exposure to sunlight.

However, in case you want very compact, portable boat for not so regular use and want to stow away between outings, then modern, lightweight PVC is likely to be a better choice.

2   About Hypalon

Hypalon is a weighty, robust and expensive fabric which is commonly used in the construction of any heavy-duty RIBs. Therefore, your buying decision will be based on the budget but more importantly on your intended use.

In case, you want to have your tender ready-built, routinely exposed, meant for frequent and regular use alongside your mother vessel, then the best choice will be Hypalon.

Air-deck versus rigid floor

You can either get rigid deck floor or inflatable air-deck. Rigid floors are usually made with interlocked aluminum or any plywood slats.

For getting low weight, softness under the knees, forgiving ride comfort and also simplified assembly process, high-pressure air floor will be perfect.

For high-speed operation, greater structural rigidity, with less flex and more efficient power use, a hard deck can be opted. Rigid deck slats will have the habit of trapping your unwary fingers, however it will be better choice for certain applications.

Additional assets

Few basic accessories must be included in your budget even for entry level boat too. These can be the following:

  1. Multiple air chambers meant for safety
  2. Inflatable thwart to provide extra strength.
  3. Shallow draft and also big windage to row
  4. Few wheels for transporting the boat up and down and also to pontoons and beaches.
  5. Small outboard
  6. An extended tiller for helping to shift your weight for easier planning and flatter ride.

One-brand deals

If you buy everything from same engine manufacturer in a single package then it will certainly bring you little extra savings, and also better after-sales convenience.

To start with, you may look at various combinations like Honwave/Honda combination, Suzumar/Suzuki combination, Quicksilver/Mercury combination, Yam/Yamaha combination or an integrated package of Tohatsu.


Today’s modern inflatable is a different thing as compared to those available about 20 years back. Nowadays, with computer aided design and development in all fabric technology, we can get more reliable item at a reduced cost.

However, whatever boat size you choose, it will be critical that you must match it with your usage in everything from weight, fabric choice to type of deck, outboard selection etc.