Infestation of pests is one of the most annoying things that can happen in a house. A home that is free of pests is indeed healthier, happier and beautiful.  Learning about the pests, its causes and the method of prevention will help you secure your home from pests effectively.


Due to the high rate of reproduction and capability to travel all around a place and spread their eggs everywhere, fleas pose a lot of risks to a householder.

Preventive measures:

  • Find out the presence of fleas as early as possible.
  • Fleas are tough to be eliminated by simply relying on insecticides. So, it becomes necessary to eradicate it with the help of a trusted Orlando pest control company. These professionals with the help of their efficient strategies, tools, sprays, etc. eliminate them at the earliest.


Ants are one of the most commonly seen pests that infiltrate residences. Commonest kinds of ants found in the residential areas of Orlando are carpenter ants, fire ants, rover ants and big-headed ants.

Preventive measures:

To deal with the spreading of ants, you will need to avoid leaving any food debris or spilling in the open for a longer time as it can attract more ants to a place. It is required to use caulk to efficiently seal any entry points and cracks that you notice at outlets, baseboards and sinks.


Cockroaches are the second most common type of pests seen in houses in Orlondo.  These pests are risky as they carry a variety of diseases with them while wandering all across bathroom spaces and kitchen within the home. The four commonest types of cockroaches that are seen to infest are German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, Asian cockroaches and American cockroaches.

Preventive measures:

To get rid of cockroaches, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to completely seal all entry points. Some of them are pantry spaces and cracks in pipes. This action will restrict the entry of cockroaches to your home significantly.

Another thing that you need to do is to keep spaces completely neat and free of leftover residue of food and drink spills. You should also need to efficiently clean your cabinets and pantries on a regular basis to ensure that no food crumbs or liquid spills are present to entice pests.


Most of the residential properties lying within Central Florida are at risk of becoming a prey to infestation of dangerous insidious pests, “termites”. Due to the property damage, termites can lead to a lot of financial loss that requires dealing with the problem swiftly.

Preventive measures

To avoid loss of thousands of dollars and property damage, you need to properly identify termites on the property. One of the best ways is to call “termite control experts”. These professionals would apply several treatment options to suit the nature and size of the termite infestation.


Pests can pose a lot of risks when not taken any preventive measures on time. Pest control companies make your place hygienic, cleaner and livable.