One of the best and most fun holidays for most of the people across the world today is Halloween. Our body is in fact a canvas we can experiment on! No matter whether you are a DIY type or desire piecing something from store brought clothing, you can try everything and anything.

However, sometimes, people take this idea of opting for cool Halloween costumes quite further. There are many sexist or racist or terrible Halloween costumes that one must never wear under any kind of circumstances.

While it isn’t always about reactions by other people, it is more about maintaining certain decency standards, anti racism, and good taste. So, read on and get to know about those weird Halloween costume ideas and prevent yourself from wearing them!

Indian Princess Costumes

You really require staying away from sexy Pocahontas outfits. These costumes are called with really gross names like “sexy squaw” or “Indian Brave” and are really demeaning. They trivialize history of oppression and colonialism by borrowing appearance of the marginalized culture. So, never try on Halloween costumes that imitate culture that we once tried to eradicate systematically.

Mental patient costumes

Dressing up with mentally ill costumes and considering them as cool Halloween costumes isn’t good at all. You must know that these people have quite a hard time in the world and they definitely not want to see such representations of themselves. Mentally ill individuals are struggling with the world. There is just a stereotype that these kinds of people are going to kill anyone, but it is really stigmatizing and untrue. So, if you can’t support them, don’t mimic them at least!

Religious Garbs

Some people decide dressing up in the costumes having rich cultural and religious meaning every year. Well, that can quite be denigrating and crude. For instance, in case you aren’t practicing Muslim religion, then donning burqa for Halloween party is quite demeaning and offensive to extreme. Respect every religion and don’t invite any kind of conflict.

Cross dressing

There are a lot of guys that only feel comfortable wearing women’s attire at Halloween! There are always many cross-dressed attire choices. Never dress as famous transgender person. These women have really struggled quite hard to get to where they are today.

So, playing with their identity just for few laughs is really disrespectful and rude. Being Transgender isn’t funny. It is actually someone’s life you shouldn’t involve in a bad way.

Terrorism costumes

Terrorism related costumes are surely not going to help you win many friends on the Halloween night. Many of them falling under this category are wildly racist. This subject is quite sensitive and Halloween is for fun and not to arouse anyone’s nerves. So, prevent such conflicting topics and stay away from such costumes.

Overall, Halloween can be a great fun especially when you can get your creative side on! So, prevent wearing the costumes listed above and ensure enjoying every bit of your Halloween party!