If you have ever looked into getting hair extensions you will know there is a wide variety of products available on the market. There is an expansive range when it comes to the price point and quality of the hair extensions that are offered. It is important to know that with hair extensions the saying ‘ you get what you pay for’ usually rings true. The higher quality your extensions the longer they are going to last and the better they are going to blend with your own natural hair. The main cause of separation in price point is whether you choose Human hair extensions or synthetic extensions. Here are the key differences between these two types of extensions.

How Long They Last

One of the biggest differences between human hair such as Remi Hair Extensions is the life-span of the extensions. Human hair can last from 3 months up to a full year depending on the type of care and how often you wear them. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are going to last you a maximum of about 3 months. This means you are going to have to constantly be re-buying synthetic extensions and spending more money in the long run than if you invest in human hair extensions up front.

How Natural They Look

When choosing to get hair extensions your main objective is going to be achieving the most natural looking hair possible. This is going to be achieved when using human hair extensions. Human hair is always going to blend better than synthetic extensions. You are going more likely to find the right texture of hair to match your own when working with real hair extensions.

How You Can Style Them

There is a big difference between the styling ability of human hair extensions and synthetic. With the majority of synthetic extensions if you try and use heat tools to style them you are going to melt the extensions, human extensions, on the other hand, can handle heat just like your natural hair. This means that human hair extensions can be straightened or curled to suit your style. Coloring is another point of separation, synthetic extensions cannot be colored in any way, human extension such as Remi Extensions s can be colored or toned by a professional.

As you can see there is a vast difference between synthetic hair extensions and human hair such as Remi Hair Extensions. While human hair extensions are going to be more expensive than their synthetic counterpart they are well worth the extra investment to achieve a more natural look that you can style and color to match your natural hair perfectly.