Service dogs are an important part of every day, daily life for those people who need them. They can save lives, give companionship and be a critical part of someone’s ability to function in modern society. That’s why service dog owners are so passionate about being able to bring their dogs with them wherever they go, because they’re so vital to their survival.

For those reasons, having your service dog on the best service dog registry can come in handy for many reasons. It can be a great way for you to be able to get certain benefits for your service dog that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Here are just a few of the perks of being on the best service dog registry.

Certify Your Therapy Dog

The great thing about being a part of one of these registries is that you don’t have to have a true service dog to reap the benefits of membership. Instead, they can often certify your dog as a therapy pet. That means that, even if you just have a dog, or even a cat, that you really love but isn’t a true service animal, they can be certified as a therapy pet, allowing them to visit with others in nursing homes or hospitals that may need some sort of companionship. It’s a great way to share your animal with the world and show people how important the relationship is between humans and animals.

Products for Your Service Animal

When you are a member of the best service dog registry, you’re going to get discounts and special deals on different supplies and products that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Often, these products and supplies, along with different training, can be used to help you better function in your day to day life with your service dog.

Training for Service Animals

Sometimes, you have a pet that you know is able to do more for you than it’s currently doing. In that case, the best service dog registry will be able to work with you to do some more training for your service dog so that you can both get the most out of your relationship. Choosing to join the best service dog registry is an easy decision that will not only benefit you as you learn to navigate life with your service dog, but it will have a positive effect on your animal in the long run, too.