Adding touches of luxury to your house not only makes a good impression on guests, but gives you a sense of comfort and elegance as you enjoy the home.


Decor is one of the first areas where you can use a few simple swaps to add instant luxury to your home. The first tip is to keep things simple. Eliminate clutter, bulky furniture, and unnecessary accessories. Try to use the rule of three. Have three objects on a tray, three throw pillows on the couch, three bottles on the table, etc.

Another tip with decorating is to think in layers and textures. Keep the same color palette throughout the room but use different textures and fabrics to create dimension. Remember to choose when to save money and when to spend on luxury items. Small accessories for decor can be purchased at craft stores or even made yourself, so you can save your budget for better furniture, a heated towel rack for the bathroom, or Egyptian cotton sheets for the bed.


Secondly, there is the ambiance of the space. To give the ultimate sense of luxury you will want to consider how a room feels, not just how it looks. This is where lighting comes into play. Elegant curtains and decorative curtain rods and tie backs are a must. Letting in the natural light will help a space feel more fresh and open. Fresh flowers and greenery are a great touch for a rich feel and aroma.

Lighting conveys a sense of ambiance like nothing else. Avoid harsh fluorescent lights and go with soft light bulbs for your fixtures. The fixtures themselves should be a good choice for the room. The type of fixture you choose will direct the light either up, down, or out into the room. Chandeliers are great elegant statement pieces for larger rooms and wall mounts or lamps are great for additional lighting. Hanging lights are great for kitchens, and can be a simple way to add a touch of style.


Lastly, when it’s time for big changes you can focus on the architecture of the home itself like luxury homes in Palm Beach, FL. A new bathtub, fireplace, water fixture, garden renovation, or recreation room are all good ideas when you want to splurge and go big for your home. Luxurious additions like new appliances, swimming pools, and new flooring can all add to the resale value of the home as well.

With a few simple swaps, or major upgrades depending on your goals and budget, you can recreate that luxury homes in Palm Beach FL, feeling right in your own home.

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