Grocery bags are meant for grocery shopping. Therefore, it seems confusing why customers love the insulated grocery bag. In terms of insulation, you can take any kind of durable reusable bag. Use an insulating material as lining to keep contents warm or cool for a long time.

Nonetheless, the usefulness of insulated shopping bags extends beyond this. Besides grocery shopping there are some good ways of using insulated grocery totes.

Great uses of insulated grocery tote bags

  • Picnic cooler

When you head to the beach or at a water park. You can carry lunch in it because they are less bulky as well as easy to carry than the cooler.

  • To pick to-go order

Insulated shopping bags structure is similar to pizza delivery bags. Therefore, when you visit a restaurant or store to pick the to-go order bring one. It will keep your food warm till you get home.

  • Wet gear bag

Insulated grocery bags are not totally waterproof but can hold swim suits, wet towels, etc. Thus, your car and other stuff remains dry as your wet gear is kept in a separate insulated tote.

  • Project bags

As the sides of insulated shopping bags are thick, they are great for lugging or transporting craft materials used for knitting, beading, quilling crocheting or scrapbooking.

  • Closet organizer

Some people use insulated shopping bags as toy or closet organizers. They are thick and can hold square shape. Items that need organizing can be placed in the bag and hung on the closet rod or cubby organizers.

In the past. Insulated grocery bags were used only in the fresh food delivery sector but currently the demand for them has increased. You can buy wholesale insulated shopping bags online at discounted prices.

Promotional snack cooler bags, insulated backpacks, insulated lunch bags. Eco-friendly cooler bags, freezable insulated tote bags, and more are the different options available. You can get them in variety of shapes, size and style.

How to choose insulated grocery bag?

  • Size

It will depend on your project needs like lunch size or grocery size. If your project needs to fit something specific like small container the measure the dimension or test it on a sample.

  • Budget

Ensure to choose an insulated tote within your budget. For example, the non-woven polypropylene insulated totes cost less than its laminated counterpart. In turn, these laminated insulated totes are more economical than the dye transferred polyester.

  • Closure

Is there a flap or lid? Does it shut with a Velcro or zipper? Does this matter? If only size is the main concern then certainly look closely. For example, if two totes have same dimension but one has a lid with three side zip, it makes overall volume of tote larger.

  • Construction

Construction and material options will depend on your budget. Laminated material has a wipe clean exterior but is costly than the non-wove polypropylene. There are low priced bags, which are designed with strong bottom inserts and handles. Therefore, before ordering check all the options.

  • Artwork

Make sure that the chosen insulated grocery bag handles your artwork. Some bags support a single-color printing, so can be an issue for your design with multiple colors. A few may have narrow printing area, so a wide logo may not be imprinted. Therefore, check the imprint dimension, while selecting a promotional tote bag.