We are in an era, where we prefer to capture every moment of our lives in a live camera. With the growth in technology and affordability, the concept of taking videos has captured our imagination effectively.

The ever-increasing demand for live video streaming has caused an increase in growth for videographer jobs. These days, even real estate industry opt for filming their properties, to reach out for a larger clientele. If you have a good set of photographs, you can also sell them to reputed sites like Shutterstock. Working as a freelance news reporter, also gives your career an exponential boost, these days.

Wedding videography

Shooting for weddings is a sure-footed way to become a professional videographer. There is a lot of hard work to put in. Also, a generous dose of your creativity will take the final video to an exclusive level of professionalism and creativity. Weddings are where people will spend happily without questioning. So, you can be sure that, you will be paid handsomely for your work.

Music videos

As a videographer, it will help you immensely, if you could have some solid professional contacts in the music industry. You can video record their performance during their recording sessions. Also, when you are good at your job, you can get to shoot them, during their concerts or any other live shows. You also get to meet other musicians and bands, through your work. This will ensure better and more opportunities for your career.

Live events

In addition to recording live music, there are endless opportunities for recording live events. It could be lectures at conferences or literary events or product launches or public meetings. If your work is par excellence, you will be called on to cover such events, which might be an annual occurrence. You get to meet the finest minds from varied fields, too.

School and University sports

This is a perennial source of job for a videographer. Every coach would want to see the footage of moves made by the players and evaluate it, to refine the game. And, for players and their parents, filming a highlight reel, will help them to apply for scholarships. This job is easy as it does not require any editing or related refinement.

Online tutorials and teaching

 You can always teach. Digital revolution has built a space for online tutorials on any subject. You can monetise your work through your personalised website and tutorial videos. You can share your experience and expertise in the field. You can set up interview videos with well-known persons. You can delve and experiment in any field you choose.


If you are short of funds for your project, you can get crowdfunding as a backup. There are options of renting your gear. Your cameras can make money for you, instead of gathering dust in your shelf. Online sites like Upwork, Thumbtack, Fiverr and other sites offer a lot of freelancing jobs, for you to choose from.