Concrete can crack due to a variety of reasons, from natural shrinkage and settlement to loading conditions and movement caused by external factors like shifting soil or growing tree roots. Fixing slabs may require different solutions depending on the source of the problem. However, to prevent further structural damage, perform a DIY concrete slab crack repair with epoxy.

Using Epoxy Injection to Repair Cracks

This method may be used for cracks that are as narrow as 0.002 inches. It consists of establishing entry and venting ports to seal damaged surfaces and injecting the epoxy under pressure. You might need to make it more fluid or insert it closer to get into the deepest gaps. But first, you’ll need to ensure that the working surface is stabilized, so that this technique will work.

Preparing the Concrete Surface

To secure proper bonding of the epoxy to the existing crack, you’ll need to clean the area up to half an inch on each side.Use wire brushes and air dryers to eliminate water and moisture. Mechanical tools aren’t recommended since they may cause additional debris to fall into the crevice.

Installing the Epoxy Ports

Epoxy resin is injected into cracked concrete by using ports to eliminate the need for drilling. They should be spaced properly along the surface, so you can insert the adhesive at the right locations. You also need to remember that temperature may affect the sealing and adhesion of the paste over the fissure.

Injecting the Epoxy into the Crack

To start the process, inject at the lowest port until the resin comes out of the next port or stops flowing. Once the substance hardens, move to the next area to repeat the steps. For horizontal cracks, begin at the widest point and then close the second port to accommodate the epoxy below the surface. When everything is complete, remove the ports as well as the top seal. Remember to apply constant pressure so that the adhesion won’t leave voids below the surface.

Following the right process with a high-quality sealing product can help you succeed in your DIY concrete slab crack repair. Epoxy fillers that are ready to use are available in most online stores offering concrete products and mixes. Don’t hesitate to ask your contractor for specific tips in using their merchandise.