Donuts taste delicious throughout the year. It is a little round shape snack with a hole in the middle that is loved by almost everyone. They come in exciting flavors that you won’t have even tasted. Every year, bakers come with some flavor to tempt its fans. We are sharing with you some of the craziest donut flavors that you must try.

Captain crunch donut

This donut is not readily found everywhere. To get it, you need to visit Voodoo Doughnuts located in Portland, Oregon. This yummy donut is finely covered in sugar icing. You will love the softness and crunchiness of this cereal snack. This is indeed one of the best dessert sum breakfast in just a single snack.

Whichever flavor of donut you wish to enjoy, donuts Conway AR is the right place to get it.  This shop specializes in donuts and brings you a remarkable variety of donuts that you won’t find anywhere else.

No Name Doughnut

Yes, you got it heard. This sounds weird but there is one special donut that doesn’t have any name. This “No name donut” tastes really delicious. It is made with rice flakes covered in peanut butter and chocolate frosting.

Raspberry Road Rash

All raspberry lovers will like this variety of donut. You get this cake donut in Campbell, California at a popular donut store Psycho Donuts. You can check out this amazing raspberry road rash donut that looks very tasty. It has got raspberry dust and cheesecake icing on it.

Key Lime Pie

Bored of the same round shaped donuts? Try this one. It comes in a square shape and is fully covered in sour lime pie-flavor of icing and glaze. For those who are looking for some other flavor than sweet one should go for this donut.

The Flying Pig

This is another interesting variety of donut. To take a bite of it, you need to head over to Texas. There you will get this donut in a store named Gourdough’s. This store is popular for their brilliantly created doughnuts along with burgers, full meals and sandwiches made with the mouthwatering cakes. This flying pig donut is covered in bacon and has a lot of maple icing on it.

The Fruit Punch

Do you want a donut with some fruit flavor? If yes, then try this one out. This donut has the shape of a boxing glove. It is filled with mango or passion fruit, and curd. It is topped with red colored raspberry glaze. This makes it an incredible tasty recipe to tantalize your taste buds.

Voodoo Bubble

Voodoo Doughnut is another incredible variety of donuts that have vanilla frosting, and bubble gum dust and a bubble gum piece on an elevated donut! This is an interesting variety of donut that you must try it out.


This donut can only be found in Korea. Kimchi doughnut has a stuffing of kimchi, which is a conventional fermented dish of Korea. It is made using cabbage, and a little bit of seasonings.


These are some of the most lovable flavors in which donuts are available. So, which one is your pick?