Have you been to Memphis anytime before? If you haven’t been to Memphis anytime before then do visit this place this year to spend your holidays happily with your friends or family members. Memphis is one of the best cities in Tennessee where you can have lots of fun. If you are a die-hard fan of blues then you must definitely visit Memphis.

Beale Street is a very popular street in this city. In fact, Beale Street is the soul of this city. Beale street was created in the year 1841. However, it became more popular during 1920s across the world. No other street in Memphis is as popular as the Beale Street. This street looks really beautiful with lights everywhere during night time. Enjoy the night life here with your friends and you will definitely love that experience.

Beale Street has so many clubs and bars. You can also find the best musicians and churches here. A lot of popular musicians from different parts of the world started performing here since 1860s and soon this street became very popular all over the world. Robert Church, one of the millionaires during 1800s created a church park in this street. He had also created a recreational cultural center for blacks during the end of 1800s.

It might be quite surprising to hear this fact but Beale Street was filled with lots of shops, clubs and bars during 1900’s itself. The original name of this street was Beal Avenue and later it became popular as Beale Street in 1950s. The clubs and bars here have become the destination for blues lovers. If you love blues then do visit the clubs and bars here during night time. No doubt, you will definitely have a great time. Click on https://wearememphis.com/ to know more about the different tourist places in Memphis.

How to plan your trip?

Travelling to a new place can definitely make you feel excited. Besides, planning a long trip with your kids is not so easy. In fact, it can be time consuming and overwhelming. Don’t worry! Mentioned below some tips to plan your trip in a great way while saving your time.

  • Once you are done with choosing your destination the next thing that you have to do is book your flight tickets. Remember, flight tickets can be costly during peak season. Hence, you should book your flight tickets in advance i.e. during off season to save your money.
  • The next thing which you have to think about is your accommodation. Check the list of famous hotels in your destination and book a room there in advance to stay relaxed during your trip. Rooms may not be available in your favorite hotels during peak season. Hence, booking them in advance will help you to enjoy your trip without any tensions.
  • Start packing your luggage at least a month before your trip. Prepare a list of important things and pack all of them to stay comfortable during your trip.
  • Prepare the list of places to visit and things to do post reaching your destination at least a week before your trip date when you are at your home. Trust me doing this will help you in saving your money in a great way.

Follow the above tips to plan your Memphis trip in a great way!