Stucco is an affordable, easy to apply material that’s great for building walls, fences, outdoor hardscape features, and so much more. The best stucco mixes should be made with cement, lime, and sand for the ultimate combination of strength, flexibility for versatile application, and longevity.

However, stucco isn’t a perfect material, especially not if it’s installed imperfectly. Namely, stucco can crack. Cracks can devastate you, because they can be glaring flaws, even from a distance. Worse, pests like ants can move into these areas and cause more damage. Moisture can even build up in the cracks in your stucco surfaces.

Read on to learn why stucco cracks or chips, and what you can do about these flaws.


Many stucco projects start with a plywood frame, then “paint” the stucco directly over it. Unfortunately, these two separate materials act in different ways. When plywood warms up in hot conditions, it expands. In cold conditions, it contracts. The plywood will continue to “breathe”, even as the stucco atop it attempts to hold in place. All of this movement can cause cracks in the stucco. These flaws are especially common if you apply a very thin layer of stucco, or if you don’t apply moisture curing.

Poor Installation

While stucco is durable, it isn’t invincible. Be careful how you handle your stucco surfaces, especially around exposed edges and corners, where cracking is likely. You must apply a thick layer of stucco, and do so in a smooth, even fashion. Be careful to follow the product’s directions exactly, using perfect math, and mix the product evenly. For best results, don’t overwater it, and don’t over-trowel. For more information and advice, contact a company that sells stucco mixes.

Uneven Foundation

Stucco needs a smooth, level foundation, even if you’re building a fence. If you apply stucco unevenly or on an uneven surface, the foundation can move or shift. This is especially true if moisture can feed into the dirt under the foundation. As the ground expands and contracts in responds to moisture and other environmental effects, the foundation can shift and the stucco may crack.

When your stucco walls, fences, and other projects develop damage, don’t fret. Just repair the damage. Shop for the best stucco mixes online so you can repair the damaged areas of your home, and make stucco look like new again. It’s an affordable solution to a fairly common problem.