Adult entertainment market, even though is illegal operates behind the curtains. You may be surprised to know that there are majority of them, who are forced to follow this business only minority enjoy intimacy with clients. Below are some answers from an escort’s perspective to questions people never dare to ask.

Do escorts like money or sex?

Every business is conducted for earning money, similarly escort business is no different. Never assume that prostitutes love sex, even if she does then does not desire to have such physical intimacy with all her clients. Overall, money is more appealing than sex. Selling one’s body is not a choice for many, everyone has their own reasons.

The hype that escorts are hyper sexual or horny women hardly portrays the reality. Basically, majority are driven to this business due to economic discrepancy. Women who are horny exist in this world besides this profession.

How much information must an escort get from their clients?

Clients and escort want to be as discreet as possible. Fake names get used as they are afraid at risk of getting stigmatized in the community or they are married. Therefore anonymity is a priority for the clients and the escorts. Asking plenty of details may make some clients move away, whereas there are a few that disclose their whole biography. Escort agency like screen their clients through email etiquettes. Brief questions are asked like age, intention, nationality, etc.

Why escorts use fake names?

If their real name is associated with an escort profession then their social relationship and social mobility can get affected. Even if prostitution is legalized, it is still defamed. Society has aggressive and deleterious thoughts for prostitutes, so they are compelled to remain secretive.

How to please an escort?

Many escorts complain that clients don’t adhere to their protocols like touching places without their permission. Escorts have their rules and limitations like light or no kissing, no oral sex or only with condom, no touching between legs, release once or multiple times, etc. Treating your regular partner or spouse during intimacy is totally different.

When you are paying for sex, it is not necessary that she wants to be pleased. Some strictly want money and refuse to enjoy sex [good ones fake]. For those who are acceptable like clients who are respectful, polite and don’t expect much. She feels comfortable with such clients and allow them to please her in ways she may forbid others.

Good libido will depend on the physical and emotional chemistry of both, which cannot be created or bought. It is something rare that occurs between two people. The best technique to have great experience with an escort is by offering a relaxing holistic massage. This can make her trust your touch.

Moving slowly helps to build passion, which will be a great experience for both when they reach the peak. Mood is also one thing that plays a role. She may avoid seeing pleasure giving men because of bad mood. So, there are many aspects that go in pleasing an escort.

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