Often many clients wonder why they got blacklisted by the escorts. The fact is that they were really quite decent in their behaviour. However, sometimes your action or even non verbal gestures can make these girls uneasy, when they are with you.

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However, while dealing with the escorts you must remember that some of the gestures or actions on your part can always put them off and they may black list you for any future dealing.

1. Failure to arrive in time

When you book an escort then she expects you to be on time, if you fail to reach and make her wait for much longer then she will not extend your booking schedule but even prefer to black list you.

2. Unnecessarily waste time

If you waste too much time talking, during a booking call then she will get a feel that you are simply wasting her time. Asking too many irrelevant questions can also put then off.

3. Displaying poor manners

If you lack basic courtesy like saying “thank you” or fail to give any complement then she may consider you as rude. Without saying anything, you may annoy them and they feel insulted.

4. Lying

Escorts expect that you provide right information about yourself as they too screen their clients based on the information provided. If she finds that you have lied in most of the things then she will blacklist you.

5. Pushing boundaries

There are certain guidelines and rules set for certain good reasons. If you try to defy them and cross the boundary too often then they may either warn you once and if you still continue then they quit.

6. Ignoring standing instructions

Escorts will often give you certain instructions to follow, which have certain good reasons. For instance, she will prefer certain amount of privacy for obvious reason and if you just flaunt that then they will ban you.

7. Not paying what was agreed

Escorts expect that you pay them what was agreed on the phone. If you are paying in cash then you must pay exactly what was agreed upon along with some tip. If you have a bigger denomination then you can’t expect them you bring any change.

8. Arriving in drunk condition

If any client arrives in drunken condition then he will be turned down by the escorts. She will expect you to come in a normal condition so that you behave in a normal manner.

9. Only sex and no companionship

Your encounter with escort is not just for sex all throughout the time. She also expects that some amount of time will be spent in understanding each other and develop little intimacy, before going for sex

10. Not telling your expectation

Escorts don’t like to make guess about your expectation and rather expect you to tell them explicitly. She has come to please you and therefore you must tell her what you are looking for.

11. Play tricks with condom

Avoid playing tricks with condom, which will make sex unsafe. You will be boycotted for doing any trick with condom.