There are a lot of adventurous and interesting games in the market these days. Be it a kid or a youngster or even an adult, these games are bound to keep you engaged and excited. One such game is the escape room game, a team-based game which can be enjoyed with family and friends.

This game is trending all over the world. It is a favorite activity for about any fun occasion, be it a birthday celebration or just a day out with friends. Different escape games offer different interesting plots and mysteries to be solved.

If you happen to be visiting Orlando (US), you might want to check out one such place known as lockbusters game escape room which has raving reviews to its credit. It is located in 8324 International drive, Orlando-32819. It has five rooms that offer five different themed adventure each with a series of challenges to be solved within 1 hour.

The escape game requires players to find the clues, unravel puzzles and accomplish the tasks given in one or more rooms in order to advance ahead and reach the ultimate goal at hand, as a team in a given amount of time. It is an immersive, action-oriented game where your escape skills and quick thinking is tested.

Some tips that you could keep in mind to emerge winners while solving the escape room puzzle.

  • Choose a cooperative team – Proper communication between the team mates is vital. Listen to other’s suggestions. Choosing the right group is very important to get on and solve the task at hand.
  • Pay attention and listen to your host so that you don’t miss out on minute details that might help you solve the mysteries.
  • Do not shy away from asking for your hints.
  • Do pass the baton. It happens to be the success story of a good leadership. Give the other team members a chance to lead. Try out the solutions given by others.
  • Remember to wear your watch inside so as to know how much time is left to escape and organize yourself accordingly.
  • Recognize the useless hints strewn on the way to mislead you and put them aside. Do not waste your time on them.
  • Shout out loud when you get a clue so your whole group can hear and assemble to discuss the next step.
  • Be organized and manage your time well. Sixty minutes may seem big at the beginning but if you don’t keep an eye on time you could land up end up wasting time.
  • You need to be able to thoroughly check the room for hints and clues because the game demands for organizers to make it sneaky. So, check all the places around you and for clues and re-check.
  • Divide the tasks between each other. It will help you quicken the game.
  • Usually we think that the answer will be a twisted and complicated one where as it could be the simplest one. So, start with the easiest answer. Who knows, it might just click.

If you are ambitious and determined, have team-working skills, and most of all are a quick thinker, you are game for the escape room.

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