Various modern industries need finely ground raw materials for manufacturing goods. Producing these components, whether for spices or medicines, can’t be achieved by a regular manual grinder.The good news is, machines are developed to help in creating well-pulverized substances. From a micronizer mill to a pin grinder, these industrial machine grinders come in many types. Here are some you can purchase for your business.

Hammer Mill

This grinder has a rotating wheel with several built-in hammers. The wheel is encased in a cylinder, and this enclosure has a special lining that helps in the refining process. It uses impact grinding technology to mill almost anything into a powder with particles at around 50 to 100 microns in size.

As a dry substance is poured into the cylinder’s opening, it hits the hammer wheel and bounces off to the lining and back again. The process is repeated until the powder is fine enough to exit the lining through a screen that’s only permeable for particles of a certain size.

This mill can be used for creating paint pigments, processing pet food, and grinding corn.

Jet Mill Micronizer

This machine also uses impact technology, but it doesn’t utilize hammers to grind the material. It just depends on the force of the dry ingredients colliding into each other to turn them into a fine powder. It’s composed of a circular chamber with a hole in the middle. Air is pumped into the enclosure through a separate opening.

As the feed material is placed into the machine, the pressurized draft throws its particles around the chamber, making them hitone another. Because of the centrifugal force created by the air, the material drifts into the middle of the machine as it’s being refined and is jettisoned through the middle hole.

This grinder can reduce any substance into 1-10 microns in size. It’s suitable for pharmaceutical applications but can also be used in other industries.

Pin Mill

A wide-mouthed pin mill has a large hexagonal structure with which it can catch feed materials.

Like the first grinder mentioned, it also has a rotating wheel, but instead of hammers, it has many small needle-like structures. It also relies on the impact of the substance as it hits the lining to turn it into powder, but it processes oily materials better than the other machines because of its pins. It’s typically used for grinding food products and medicinal substances.

These are just a few pulverizers available today. Whether it’sa jet mill micronizer or a pin grinder, choose one that’s most appropriate for the products you want to manufacture.