A chandelier is one of the most loved and admired centerpieces in any house. It can be installed in any room in the house. It is positioned over the table. A well-placed chandelier honors the beauty of the architectural style of your house.

To make the right impact on people, your chandelier should be such that it complements your room. It should be proportional to the width and height of your room. We are providing you a list of tips that will assist you in making an informed and wise selection.

Consider the size of lighting you require

One of the most important aspects of the selection of the right size of the chandelier is the lighting size. Width and height of the chandelier impact the overall appearance of the interior. On choosing the lighting element of a very large size, it suppresses all the other elements present in the space and the internal appearance.

On the other hand, size, selection of a very small chandelier will not be visible by people. Also, the amount you have invested in its functional and decorative effect will be a waste. The lighting size is governed by the height of the ceiling of the room. As a general rule, a walking height of 210 cms is advisable. It should be placed in such a way that the tallest person in the household can easily walk under the fixture without experiencing any problem.

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Consider the amount of light you require

Recessed lights can lead to extra wattage when used for homework, projects and candlelit dinners. Perimeter lighting, like buffet lamps, and sconces can add more illumination. It is a wise idea to put your chandelier on a dimmer switch. This will ensure that the lighting intensity is controllable.

Consider the shape and size of the dining table

The chandelier has to be around 1/3rd of the table width. That implies a 5-foot circular dining table would require a chandelier with a width of nearly twenty inches. Rectangular or oval tables can require a little wider chandelier.

Consider its style

Style of a chandelier is another important element that you will need to consider when choosing a chandelier. If your chandelier is highly ornate, then however smaller it is, it will easily work in any large room. Its ornate features provide it a distinctive weight.


Most of the people are ignorant about the key factors like style, size of the table, amount of light, size of room, etc. that can have an impact on the chandelier. An incorrect selection can deteriorate the look of your home, a right selection can accentuate the beauty of it. All these tips will benefit you greatly in selecting the right chandelier.

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