As winters are nearing people have started making arrangements for a furnace. It is the right time to ensure that their furnace can easily get them through the winter. Here in this article, we are providing you a checklist that helps in determining the time to get a furnace replaced or perform some tune-ups to existing furnace.

Increasing energy bills and repair costs of the equipment

Older furnaces have to work a lot hard to give the desired level of heating. This implies higher utility bills and frequent repairs. If you find that your equipment is giving you exorbitant energy bills, then it is better to replace them at the earliest. A new furnace installation would help you save in the future. It will work as an investment.

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Your furnace has got more than fifteen years old

The life of any furnace is around 10-15 years. Once it crosses this limit, it starts to give signs of damage and deterioration. In those cases, it is wise to replace your current old unit with a new more efficient one. The new machine won’t just give you the benefits of maximum efficiency, but also assist in bringing down utility bills.

Require frequent maintenance

This is another problem that you will face if your furnace is not in a good state. If you find that you have to perform frequent maintenance of your furnace that takes up a lot of money, then it is the right time to replace it.

With the new machine, you will not just reduce your trips to service technician but also hefty expenses involved in performing the job. With the new unit, you will get a warranty and free service on your machine that will not just give you mental peace but also save you from incurring huge expenses.

Non-uniformity in temperature

If you find that different rooms in your house have a different temperature, then it indicates that the furnace is not working properly and efficiently. A furnace that has got old or inefficient, results in non-uniform temperature in different places in the house. An outdated duct system and an old furnace lose its ability to dispense heat uniformly throughout the house.

Due to which you will experience some rooms in the house to be warmer or colder than others. To prevent such inconvenience and get comfort in winter season, you need to get it replaced by a new one.


We are here providing you a few signs that indicate that your furnace needs replacement. An older furnace can give you trouble regarding inefficiency, hefty operational expense, poor performance, etc. Due to these reasons, it would not give you the benefits as expected from it. An experienced and reliable technician will help you with an effective examination and replacement of the furnace.