The workplace drug test and the same one for getting accepted at a new place can be very stressful. Especially if you’ve been doing some drugs before it.

The employers usually announce some time before they conduct something like this so people usually have time to get ready and organize. However, sometimes the notice is too short for doing anything.

One of the most commonly conducted tests is urinalysis. This option gives the bosses a clear insight of what their workers have inside their bodies and if they suffer from something that might be important for the workplace. Learn more about it on this link:

On top of everything, they get to see if you’ve been taking some drugs in the past period. The urinalysis can show traces of drugs up to 30 days of the last consumption. The marijuana, which is the most commonly used drug stays the longest in our system. Even though the effects are the lowest, the leftovers inside can’t be flushed by our bodies for a long time.

That’s why a lot of people decide to do something about this and get good results on the test. The obvious solution to getting through this moment is called fake urine.

What is fake urine?

Also known as synthetic urine, it is a product made for various needs but most commonly used in the business of drug testing. People use it to switch the sample that they are supposed to provide for the lab practitioners with this industrially made one. The best thing about it is that this is over 99 % exactly like the normal human byproduct and shows the results of a perfectly healthy person.

Read about how to find the perfect product in the 5 points below. If you get the best choice for you, be sure that you won’t have any problems getting negative results even if you’ve been taking drugs just minutes before the big test.

1. Know where to look for

This is not a product that can be found in the supermarket. There’s no 7-11 synthetic urine if you need it urgent. You have to look someplace else. That other place, of course, is called – the internet.

There’s everything online. You can even find instruction and materials to build a nuclear reactor online. However, you need to know where on the internet is the right place to look for something like this. Some states in the country are closing down the business with it. The reason is obvious – cutting down the chance for people to cheat on the urine test.

However, this is still not a business that’s going away or illegal. You just need to find a trusted site and know that the product you’re getting is perfect.

2. Make sure the site is trusted

As we said, you need to know where to look for it. Even if you know a lot of pages that are selling synthetic urine, you need to be sure about their products. There are lots of them out there, but not all of them can provide the perfect sample.

A lot of pages will take your money and send you something completely worthless. This is a chemically constructed substance and not everyone can do it at home. It’s a business and takes a lot of effort to be done.

With this being said, you should understand that there are scams out there and you need to know who they are. Always stick to pages that provide good products and are trusted by the community. See here more about this issue and how to overcome this problem.

3. Read some reviews

In the search for the best and trusted website to get synthetic urine, you need to read a lot on the internet. The pages where people can openly state their opinion you can find everything.

Read a lot of online reviews about these pages and the products they are selling. Try to make a distinction between the fake comments and those coming from real people. Sellers often hire someone to write comments on their behalf and explain that the selling product is excellent.

What you need to look for are the bad comments. They are going to tell you if something’s worth trying or not. After all, this is something that might not have a second chance. If you fail once, your whole career might go to waste, so make sure you do a good choice.

4. See the heating options

Before using it, and buying it, of course, try to understand what you’re getting. Make sure you understand what will be delivered to you. The fake urine must be handed over in a perfect condition. It must be looking exactly like the real urine.

That means the color, the odor, and the temperature must be the same. Now, the fake sample will definitely have the first two, but when it comes to the temperature, you’ll have to do something about it. This product is stored in a container that has no heating and comes with room temperature. Your body, on the other hand, produces everything at a temperature of around 98 degrees. You have to preheat the sample before you hand it over or else the practitioner will know you’re lying to them.

5. Ask for the time of delivery

If you don’t have a lot of time, you need that kit as soon as possible. Some webpages have a delivery that can do it overnight. Others will take a lot more. You need to ask them before ordering how much time will be needed for you to get the product in your hands.

It will useless if you get it after the test. You need this at least a day before. So, if the employer announces on Monday that you’ll be doing the test on Friday, you need the package delivered in no more a day. Make sure you get it fast and make sure you read the instructions thoroughly.