The market has several dog breeds that you can buy for your home. The decision that you make depends on your unique needs. You should think about the association that you would like to have with your dog before making a decision. The English Kennel Club divides dogs into several categories. Are still wondering what type of dog should I buy, here some of the suggestions.

The Pastoral Group: This category comprises of the herding dogs that help people look after and control stock. The dogs are generally playful, active, and are easy to train for the work you would like them to undertake. An excellent example of the pastoral group of dogs is the German shepherd.

The Gundog Group: These dogsinclude the spaniels, setters, and retrievers and were originally bred to retrieve and find game. The dogs work closely with human beings to develop an excellent retrieving instinct.

The Terrier Group: Originally, people bred these dog for the primary purpose of killing. In most cases, these dogs are extremely tough and brave. Once the dog gets down the hole, he should be able to make his own decisions without being given instructions. Most of them are excellent pets that have a strong character. The best examples of these dogs are Bull Terrier and Staffordshire bull terrier.

The Toy Dog Group: Most of the dogs in this group are bred to be lap dogs or companions. The dogs make affectionate pets and are generally friendly. The best examples of Toy Dog Group are Yorkshire terrier.

The Working Group: These dogs are bred to search and guard to protect livestock and human beings. You can also use these dogs to pull sleighs, boats, and carts, as to rescue and search. Some of them are Doberman, Rottweiler and the Boxer.

The Hound Group: These dogs use site to hunt and make good use of the sense of smell. Most of the dogs are used to hunt in packs and they are independent breeds and often run while doing their own things like the English foxhound.

The Utility Group

These dogs don’t fit into any other group of dogs. All of them are bred for a particular purpose which vary considerably. It means that the dogs that are in this group vary differently. These other dogs are not recognized officially the English Kennel club.

  • Dogs That Are Not Officially Recognized By the Kennel Club

Jack Russell Terries: The dogs are breeding because they have extended working abilities. Their appearance vary in terms of temperament, shape, coat texture, and size.

Working Sheepdogs: Most people keep these dogs as pets and you will see them working on farms most of the time. The dogs are energetic, active, have string working instincts, and need a lot of exercise.

Lurchers: The dogs are originally Boarder/Greyhound Collie mix. It was traditionally bred by poachers or gypsies to produce a dog whose speed resembles Greyhound. It has the trainability of the Border collie for catching and retrieving rabbits.

First Cross: The parents of this dog were the pedigrees of different breeds and with known parentage.

Cross breed: The parents of these dogs are known even though they may have varied breeds.

Mongrel: These dogs have known parentage even though most breeders and people see it to be a directory term. The dogs have several unique and wonderful characters.

By now, you should be more informed on what type of dog I should get. These tips will make sure that you are getting the right breed of dog for your home.