The debt that owes to a financial agency or the bank is your financial liability, agreed. It is also agreed that it is definitely not right on your part to not pay your monthly payments. However, did you know that it does not give any debt collection agency or a debt collection agent the right to harass you?

If you have ever been victimized by such an agent or by a particular debt collection agency, then be aware that you could report them. You are entitled to seek legal refugee despite your uncleared debts. Read on to find out everything about reporting such harassment.

Know your rights

Please be informed that the government has several guidelines and laws on the subject of debt collection and it governs how a financial defaulter should be handled. It clearly lists out several dos and don’ts on debt collection, violation of which calls for legal action against the debt collection agency or the agent.

You are being totally protected by the government against any unfair treatment despite and irrespective of the sum of money that you owe. You are never alone and therefore never hesitate to report any unfair treatment or harassments.

When does a debt collection agency come into the picture?

When you have borrowed some money from a bank or an agency and you agree to pay it back in particular repayment schedule, you enter into an agreement. If you skip honouring your agreement, after a certain amount of time your account would be handed over to a third-party debt collection agency like Newlyn.

Know the allowed methods of debt collection

Newlyn or any other debt collection agency has some permitted ways and procedures to proceed with the debt collection. You should be first receiving a debt letter from Newlyn. Then they are allowed to call you. Also, they could send a collection agent to your address. However, remember that the agent is not allowed to enter your house without your permission.

Every stage of action of debt collection has detailed rules and do’s and don’ts. You could browse more on these subjects and gather more information on the same. You can talk to They have a good deal of experience in financial management and debt management and solutions.

Know what is considered as harassment

  • Threat of violence
  • Repeated calls and
  • Calls after 9 pm and before 8 am.
  • Use of profane language

How do I handle harassment from my debt collection agency?

If you have been harassed during the debt collection process, you can,

  • Write to the agency responsible and report your complaints
  • File a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Call your attorney
  • Write a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission
  • Contact non-profit organizations like Better Business Bureau

Financial defaulting and non-repayment of debt are never a healthy financial practice. But if by mistake, you fall into such a situation, you still deserve treatment with dignity and so do not take anything less. Stay fearless, stay positive and work on your repayment of debts in peace.