It is said that a woman understands another woman better, and a man understands another man better. So, does this means even a transgender understands another transgender better? Well, yes, they do. Every transgender woman feels a different kind of attraction and attachment towards another transgender woman at least once during her transformation.

The reason is simple – they understand each other better. This creates a powerful bond between them, and if it works well, they get along comfortably with each other.

Different Transgender Love Connections

Crossdresser with crossdresser

Crossdressers experience stronger connection and emotional attachment with another crossdresser. When they find each other attractive, there is a lot they can share with one another. This relationship gives both the parties an opportunity to represent themselves as they prefer and thereby release them from gender bondages. There are very few cases in which these couples end up getting married, but they do share a great love bond.

Transsexual with Crossdresser

Crossdressers are attracted towards transsexuals during the early stages of their evolution. They feel connected to transsexuals, and thus desire to have them in their intimate life. However, transsexual women, and even trans escort, are not exactly willing to be with crossdressers. For one reason – a cross dresser talks a lot about the trans stuff, and transsexuals simply want to avoid the topic.

Transsexual Woman with Transsexual Man

Recently, the most successful relationship discovered in the transgender community is a trans woman with a trans man. They get along well because they complete each other. In fact, they learn to convert themselves in their preferred gender better with each other’s guidance. A man learns to be a man from a man, and a woman learns to be a woman from a woman.

Well, of course, sharing such insights with your loved one can get tricky at times, and sometimes even suggestions are taken as criticism.

Issues with Transgender Relationships

In addition to the common issues which most couples face, couples in transgender community face some very different issues as well. Some of these issues are:

The negativity

Going through transgenderism isn’t easy, and both the partners are somehow damaged in their own way. A successful couple needs to work on their own issues first, repair them, and then finally go ahead with a love life. This is not possible for every individual.

 Level of transition

Evolving into a transgender takes time. A person needs to overcome several emotional and physical situations. Now, if one person involved in the relationship has evolved completely and the second one is still on the way, this can create plenty of issues. For instance, there will be a lot of trans-trans stuff, and it is definitely a big turn-off.

Role Conflicts

Sometimes couple face role conflicts, which aren’t very big, but can potentially, create issues. For instance – who will open the door? Who will play female while having sex? Etc.

The best part about these couples is they can get along and all they need is time. Once they understand each other well, they can learn to live be adventurous in their lives.