A cookie is a miniature desert everybody adores to eat with hand. They gladly lick the traces of jam or chocolate from their fingertips. There is no dessert available in the terms of sizes, shapes, textures, and flavors in comparison to cookies yet it is the simple recipe in the list of bakers.

A cookie is available for every personality, taste, motivation, and mood. If you yearn for something crunchy to dip in your tea or coffee, then there are biscotti to enjoy. If you crave for a seductive or oozy dessert there are endless options ranging from brownies to pudding bars. Soft and flaky, spicy or tangy there are cookies to fulfill all these cravings.

Visit a Los Angeles bakery that delivers a great cookie basket, which is an ideal holiday gift.

  • It is homemade
  • It can be personalized
  • It is portable and affordable
  • It is thoughtful

See how perfect, a cookie gift basket can be for gifting on any occasion. You can choose from the variety of cookie gift baskets available on the online stores.

Mini baskets

Cookies included feature appealing flavors and look colorful. Each has its distinctive personality as well as they decorate the jar. You just need to add a bow and it is ready for gift-exchange with book club members or co-workers.

  1. Eggnog cookies – Even without the Christmas festival people can enjoy the crinkle cookies. The eggnog maintains the softness and spiciness of the cookies.
  2. 4-ingredient fudges – Without chocolate any kind of a cookie basket is not acceptable. Chocolate fans will rejoice these bite-sized delights
  3. Sugar cookies – The roll & frost cookies can add color to the mini basket. You can go white & blue, or red & green or rainbow in terms of colors. Whatever color is chosen, festive decoration will be added on the inside.

Savory basket

Everyone adores sweets but needs to lookout for their cut down on sugar, so you can switch the sugar cookies and pair savory biscuits with booze. Include chipotle cheese wafers, Mediterranean biscuit, and cheese biscuit to spice the gift basket.

Creatively personalizing a gift basket

If there is a hassle in finding a resourceful packaging solution then try these tips.

  • On a Weck or Mason wide-mouth jars, pack your chosen edible decoration and create visual interest. The jar can be reused for storing their holiday crafts or hot cocoa.
  • Organize the sugar-free savory decorations along with booze in a mini wine crate. Add a festive ribbon and it is all ready to be gifted!
  • If you have to ship the cookie gift, then choose a box and fill it will cookie that resembles your favorite things like warm woolen mittens, apple strudel mittens, or snowflakes. These cookies melt in your mouth and deliver a winter warmth serving. An ideal and creative way of delivering a gift to family or friends in the winter holiday season…..It doesn’t matter if they live near or far away!
  • Make the boxes extra special with strings and calligraphy pen artwork.
  • If the box is to be shipped then ensure that it arrives unblemished at the destination. Rather than using ribbon employ washi tape to create an equivalent look.