If you wish to become a truck driver, then you need to crack all the rounds of the selection process successfully. The interview process can be a tricky one. You need to prepare well to clear this round in the first shot. To help you in your preparation, we are listing a few sets of questions that you must prepare well to leave no stones unturned.

What is the major role of a truck driver?

The basic role of a truck driver is to perform an extensive check of the state of the tractor. He should make sure that the load on the truck is undamaged and delivered on time.

The truck driver will also assist in loading, unloading, preserving the essential documentation, and also communicate on the managerial level. Phoenix Trucking Jobs Is one of the best trucking companies in AZ. A lot of candidates compete to get selected in this company.

How much experience do you have driving?

Your answer to the question needs to be honest. This is because the trucking firm will figure it out where you have been working before. Be open and honest to tell them. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done such a job before, clearly talk about it.

What made you choose our trucking company?

This is the commonest questions that will be asked to a candidate. To form the most impressive answer, it is needed that you do well research about the company prior to appearing for the interview. Highlight a few reasons that make them stand out from their competitor firms in the market. Also prepare for why those things are the perfect fit for them.

If the company has been voted as one of the successful trucking firms in the region, then mention it in your answer. Find out all those points that separate it from the rest of the trucking.

How would you react to the worker who you found stealing?

This is one of the questions wherein the company is checking the honesty of a candidate. You can frame the answer as if I had found any such stealing incidence happening in the workplace, I would have brought it in the notice of the higher department. Based on the interrogation, they would have taken the right decision against the culprit.

How would you define your truck driving record?

You need to be honest while answering this question. If you have a clean track record, then no worries or else you need to tell them any violation or legal case that has happened in the past.

When can you join this position?

Show that you are keen to join the company as early as possible. Also, you look forward to working with their firm soon.


The answers that you provide in response to the questions asked by the trucking company will help them know a lot about you. It will give them a hint of how do you react in different situations. These are the general interview question that you will be asked irrespective of the company for which you apply.