Nobody would want to deal with burst pipe, but there are a few immediate temporary fixes that you can do for slowing the impact of burst pipe.

  1. Shut off your water

During winter, water may be frozen which will increase the pressure on the pipe and hence it will be necessary to shut-off the water as well as electricity.

  1. Open a faucet

After shutting off your water, you must open the faucet main so that it can provide relief to any balance pressure in your pipe line.

  1. Call a plumber

Often many of you may not be comfortable in such situation and therefore it will be advisable to call a plumber Western Sydney so that the professional can take care of the problem.

  1. Try to get rid of water

Make all the efforts to get rid of the water spread around either by using a mop or bucket. Also, clean up the area so that the mould is not developed around the area.

  1. Turn up heat

You may either use a hot blower to dry up the water or use an exhaust fan so that water can quickly dry out. When ice will melt then water will flow away.

  1. Open doors

In case, there are exposed pipes inside pantries or closets then leave all doors open. Open cabinet doors or vanity so that warm air will reach pipes under sinks too.

  1. Place a rubber piece over leak

It will also be good to put a rubber piece over the leak so that it will work as a clamp in case the pipe is ever broken due to any reason.

  1. Add block of wood prior to adding clamp

Also, it will be good if you add a piece of wood block before you try to include any clamp that will help in preventing the pipe from collapsing.

  1. Grab a C-clamp

You can also add one C-clamp just over the wooden block and also one piece of rubber for sealing the leak as a temporary fix.

  1. Cut out damaged pipe

You can either take help of any plumber or if you are interested to DIY then you can identify the damaged pipe area and cut the damaged portion of it.

  1. Clean and flux all mating surfaces

Use wire fitting brush to clean all the corrosion from inside and also clean the outside part of the pipe by using plumber’s cloth or any emery paper. Also, brush flux on all the cleaned surfaces.

  1. Slide on repair sleeve

Slide sleeve end first over the one pipe and slip it back on the other. Centre the sleeve over pipe end so that almost ½” of each pipe will be inside the sleeve.

  1. Solder the joint

Try to solder the joint so that complete joint is filled.

  1. Insulate the pipes

You need to insulate your pipes after all the repair work however it is important to do for preventing future burst pipes.

  1. Clean the damage

In case, you observe any water damage then try to prevent it quickly to avoid any kind of mould growth.

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