The glamour and sophistication of red carpet is always associated only with celebrities, politicians, sports heroes. Some popular red-carpet events are Oscar, Grammy and the like. Generally, rolling out red carpet means special interest taken in providing hospitality.

Red carpet makes our party a special one for your guests and they tend to remember that special day for many years. If you are having a house party or wedding function, graduation, birthday or fundraising event, why not make it a glamorous one with red carpet and backdrop for rent?

It is not necessary that you should own a red carpet. Now that there are so many providers who rent them. It is affordable and anyone can have their red-carpet events or party by hiring from the rental providers and make their event a memorable one.

With red carpet for hire and backdrop, you can make your event even more special. Your guests will feel excited, feel like celebrities, and love to take photos. It makes your event a wonderful memory for the attendees.

Business events look more professional with red carpet and your company name in the backdrop. you can make your event, a branding opportunity, since people who take their pictures will share them on apps and social media. You will also get a chance of increasing the number of audiences for your next event!

You are sure to attract attendees with the red carpet and customized backdrop, if you are organising a corporate event. Everyone will love to walk down on red carpet and take a selfie. Have some of your person on the red carpet or near the backdrop to share information about your event.

You can choose between red or black or white carpet depending on the party or event you organise. If you don’t have any idea of what colour to choose for your event, then you can call best hire company and get their assistance.

Apart from red carpet, you can also hire bollards and ropes. Choose chrome or gold bollard that will suit your party theme to give that real VIP feel. If possible, you can decorate your walls with the theme of your party to give your party a Hollywood touch.

Any red-carpet event requires a backdrop. It’s the place where the celebrities take their dazzling photos with sponsors name in the backdrop. You can also have your customized backdrop or step and repeat banner, to give your attendees a celebrity like feel and make it a day to remember!

Media walls is being the current fashion in every event. Customized media walls work as a great brand exposure for your business event.

So, have you made up your mind to make your event a red carpet one? Enhance the ambience of your party with AU Carpet hire company that specialises in supplying carpets for events. They cater for small home party events to any large sized events. Make your party a special and memorable one!