Having an emotional support dog can significantly improve your life. When you register your dog as an emotional support animal (ESA), it gives your pet more legitimacy and specific rights. As you explore your registration options, consider purchasing a kit that includes everything you need to register and support yourself and your dog.

ESA Registration

The most important part of any emotional support dog kit is the ESA registration. This registration makes it official that your dog is a support animal and has been prescribed by a medical professional. Registering your dog allows you to fly with your pet or rent an apartment without incurring pet fees. The very first aspect of the emotional support dog kit is your ESA registration. In addition, part of the kit is being included in the national ESA database.

Official Certificate

Another element of the emotional support dog certification kit is an official certificate. This certificate demonstrates that your dog has been successfully registered as an emotional support animal. The certificate is embossed and ready to be framed and displayed proudly.

ID Card

An ID card is also part of the kit. This card can be carried with you so you have evidence at any time that your dog is a registered emotional support animal. On the card is your name, your dog’s name, the issue date and a picture of your dog among additional important pieces of information. This card is crucial for when you are looking for housing, traveling with your dog or just need proof that your dog is an emotional support animal.

Leash Clip and Patches

It’s important for you to let others know that your dog is an emotional support animal. This will ensure that your dog is treated correctly by others when in public. One way to do this is to have a designated leash and vest patches. Both of these elements are included in the ESA registration kit.

Additional Benefits

A basic emotional support dog kit includes all of these elements. However, there are more robust kits that include electronic copies of certificates and IDs, a vest with the patches sewn on, and additional ID cards. As you explore the idea of registering your dog as an emotional support animal, you can consider which kit is best for you and your best friend.

Purchasing an emotional support dog kit can be the first step in obtaining recognition for your dog. Each kit supplies you with the elements you need to register and recognize your dog for every day of your life.

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