Child’s brain develops more in their early stages. Placing them in a pre-school that helps them grow their skills becomes necessary. It is essential to provide excellent early grade high quality teaching to ensure early grade success.

In Tennessee, Tennessee education system has made kindergarten a requirement by law. The child won’t be eligible to enter first grade without having approved kindergarten program.

It encourages parents to participate in nurturing their child. There are programs to mitigate the disadvantaged conditions also by promoting partnership between parents and teachers.

Some Tips To Choose Best School

When you have decided to put your kid in a preschool, you will be having so many expectations about the school like it should be safe for your kid, your kid should feel comfortable being there and such.

How to select the best kindergarten? It is really a hard task. Here are some suggestions for you to keep in mind while choosing a preschool for your kid.

Start your search well before a year so that you have enough time to look for the best school. Select the schools in your area and check the reviews or ask your friends if they have their children there. See whether the timing, cost and distance suits you.

There should be transparency between school and family. Parents should be able to visit school anytime and get feedback on their child’s development.

Check with the staff what kind of safety measures they take. Is your child safe in that place? What is the pick-up and drop-off procedures?

Check whether the staffs are experienced and committed to their service. How many students a teacher takes care of? Children get attention of teacher only if the teacher to student ratio is small.

There should be a lot of chances for active play that is very much needed for developing children’s hand skills. Your kid must be given the opportunity to choose and learn. Check whether they concentrate on play or academics or balance between both?

Growing kids need good rest during their busy preschool day. Check with the school about the nap time and whether they provide clean mat, bedsheets, and pillow.

Do they provide any snacks and meal? Do they teach table manners? Do they allow for socializing kids during meal time?

If your child is not using washroom on their own, check with the school whether they give training on that or how do they deal with it? It is safe to send a pair of clothes.

Is your kid given training on positive behavior? Check whether children know what they can and cannot do.

Children may experience ups and downs on their day, ensure teachers handle them with compassion and care.

Many preschools are providing references. You can ask all the details you want to know about the school.

Children learn best from their environment, play and social interactions. Talk to your child a lot about their new school and new teacher. Try to set up a meeting with the teacher prior to the first day to establish a good teacher- student relationship.

If you are in Tennessee and it is time for kindergarten for your child, Tennesseans Quality Early Education is committed to effective policy that ensures cognitive development and critical foundation necessary for success in school and life.

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