Oral hygiene is crucial for health, even your dentures need to be cleaned regularly just like your natural teeth brushing. There are patients with a single or several dental implants or Snap-On style dentures. It is important to take care of all kinds of dentures because it helps to avoid dental health issues in the future. It even prolongs the denture’s lifespan.

With different types of secure dentures available, there is no need to struggle with chewing or remain concerned about your smile. The dentist at the Pasadena Texas clinic can recommend the best restoration method to suit your needs. However, you need to clean and maintain your dentures carefully to enjoy their services the whole life.

Tips to take care of your dentures

  • Treat implants and crowns just like a natural tooth.
  • Brush two times daily, floss, and the clean region around the implants.
  • If recommended wear night guard, daily.

Not removable dentures

Patients with permanently attached prosthesis experience a different kind of challenges while cleaning their teeth. As the prosthesis cannot be removed you need to clean them differently.

  • Brush prosthesis with a toothbrush like natural teeth.
  • If your prosthesis is designed from acrylic titanium, then don’t use toothpaste. This can damage the denture teeth facing and the acrylic.
  • If your prosthesis is made from zirconia and porcelain you can comfortably use toothpaste, as it does not get scratched.
  • If you have contrasting natural teeth then use toothpaste to brush it but remember to use 2 different colored brushes, so there is no confusion.
  • Get the bristles of the brush under the prosthesis and never forget to brush your gums.
  • A night guard will help to keep teeth separated. Thus the wear and tear of prosthesis get reduced.

Removable dentures

Snap-on style dentures can come out and snap inside your mouth. You will need to change the snaps every 6 to 8 months. The implants will also need to be cleaned professionally every 6 to 12 months. The needed care –

  • At night, remove the dentures. This allows the tissue to rest. Patients who are not comfortable removing the dentures must ensure to leave dentures for a minimum of one-hour, anytime. Make sure to place the dentures in water, after you remove them.
  • Before placing them in clean water, ensure to brush them with mild soap.
  • Clean the snaps within the denture to ensure that there are no food particles left. This can hinder the snap-in ability.
  • Brush the gold posts that stick through gums with toothpaste.
  • Brush tongue and all pink areas.
  • Soak them in clean water. Never use bleach!
  • Every 6 to 12 months get them cleaned professionally.

Professional care & maintenance

Regular dental visits include a detailed examination of your mouth. It ensures the health of your mouth tissue and gums. The dentist even checks if the dentures fit comfortably. Even occasionally x-rays are suggested to see that the implants, attachments, and abutments are correctly positioned. Snaps and clips wear out soon and need annual or bi-annual replacement.

To keep implants and dentures in great condition never miss your dental appointments!

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