Driving is an important skill, and this means choosing the right course, school and instructor is important as well. Fortunately, since there are many driving schools and instructors in Hillside, finding one isn’t difficult. Then again, if you want to make sure you are choosing the best one, here are a few things you must keep in mind:

  1. Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Every driving school designs their curriculum differently, and their instructors use different teaching methods. It is ideal to work with an instructor who can adapt to your learning capabilities. Fortunately, there are driving schools like passfirstgo.com.au, which understand the need of tailoring their driving courses as per the student’s requirement.

2. Qualification and Accreditation of Instructor

No matter what type of driving lessons Hillside you sign up for, ensure they are conducted by a licensed, qualified and accredited instructor. An instructor with necessary certification will know how to deal with new learners, and how to help you develop the right driving techniques. They will even know all the safety and road rules like the back of their hands, and thus you can expect to learn more than just driving in your sessions with them.

 3. Aim of the course

When you select a course, which will simply help you pass the test and not learn right driving techniques, it will prove to be useless in long run. Keep in mind, the whole idea of taking lessons and appearing for test is to make sure that you know how to drive safely. So, pick a course, school and instructor which is focusing more on making you a decent driver, and not merely helping in passing the test.

 4. Schedule flexibility

All of us are busy with our own routine and thus we need flexibility in doing everything. Driving lessons are no different in this regard. Try to choose a course which fits in your routine perfectly. Also, make sure there is a scope of rescheduling lessons whenever needed.

5.Worth your money

Fees for driving courses can vary depending on the course you select, and the number of sessions you need. For instance, most of the advance driving courses cost more than the regular ones. So, select a course which gives you value for money. Well, don’t simply stick to a cheaper course. Remember, they are cheaper for a reason.

Important questions to ask a driving instructor before you sign up for the lessons

Professional and reputed driving schools like Pass First Go have qualified and well-trained instructors working with them. You can expect to learn everything you wanted under their guidance. However, if you are considering working with freelance instructors, here are a few questions you must ask them:

  • What are your qualifications and accreditations?
  • Since how many years are you teaching?
  • Will you be my instructor for the whole course, or other instructors are involved as well?
  • What is your student passing rate?

These questions aren’t rude, but instead they can clarify a lot of things for you. Don’t hesitate in asking your instructor these questions. In fact, any good instructor will appreciate your concerns and address them in the best possible manner.