Maybe in the first read, this seems false to you, but it is a tested and proven fact. Many case studies confirm that by using adequate mat size, one can improve the air quality. As we all know, air pollution causes several health diseases like lung cancer, respiratory infections, allergies, etc. But if you are assuming by being inside, you are safe, you are wrong. Because, according to some research, it is found that indoor pollution causes more damage than outdoor pollution.

The most common cause of indoor unhygienic is debris that comes with shoes. However, you can’t ask everyone to keep your shoes outside, especially on office premises. So what is the solution? Use the custom logo rug and keep your premises clean.

Types of matting that you should use to keep your indoor clean:

Porch Mats

As per Google data, 80% of the dirt comes with shoes when people come to your office or house. The time they enter your premises, you get explored to the unlimited bacteria that are enough to cause serious illness.

So if you put the high-quality entrance mat, they can seize up to 90% of the germs and bacterias. By doing so, you can save your maintenance cost is in $100 or more than that. And it is not a one-time cost – you have to do this annually to keep your place bacteria-free. So it is better to opt for the cheap option.

Interior Mats

Interior mats offer you countless benefits. If you place them in the right place, they can control the dust and avoid the spread. Also, reduce damage on floors. However, people living in high-traffic areas should keep the interior mat as it provides a shield to the floor and keeps your indoor protected from pollution.

Ergonomic Mats

People who work in the commercial industry have to stand on hard surfaces, and due to this, they experienced several problems such as fatigue and discomfort that eventually decrease fecundity. Furthermore, continuous standing causes chronic pain and injuries. But it is observed that the people who use Ergonomic Mats feel active and do their work more efficiently.

Slip Resistant Mats

Slip-resistant mats can work as medicine for your home, especially if you live in high-traffic areas. In these areas, mishaps are common.  So for your protection and your family’s safety, one must use the slip-resistant mat. Also, it works as a back in case you feel like falling, slipping, and indulgences. More preferably, you should purchase NFSI certified mats as it offers top-notch quality.

How to pick the best one?

For better quality, you should keep few things in mind, such as quality of the material, brand value, mat type, color, shape, and size. If you are clear about all these pinpoints, you can easily find the best mat for your home or office premises.

In the end

Now, you must understand the importance of keeping the mats inside or outside. To protects you and your loved ones from harmful infections, getting a mat is the need and today’s demand. So bring the best custom mat to your home or office.