CBD tinctures and CBD oil are similar in appearance and can be used to achieve similar purposes. They are, however, quite distinct in a number of important ways. This article will examine the differences between CBD-infused oils (CBD tinctures) and CBD-infused oils.

How Does CBD Get Extracted?

Cannabinoids like CBD can be extracted from hemp with different extraction methods.

Whatever CBD extraction method is used, the goal is still the same: extract the cannabinoids as well as the terpenes from your plant material.

Types Of Cbd

Depending upon the CBD product being used, it falls under one of three categories.

Full-spectrum: This refers to the complete plant extraction. All cannabinoids & terpenes are taken out and preserved in the final product.

Broad-spectrum contains all cannabinoids as well as terpenes. THC is not filtered or removed from the final product.

CBD isolate Pure CBD. All the other compounds are filtered from the final product.

CBD is more effective when combined with other cannabinoids with terpenes. Full-spectrum CBD isolates can’t compete with this synergistic relationship among all cannabinoids & terpenes.

What Is CBD Oil Exactly?

CBD oil is typically made from hemp, and mixed with a carrier oil.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction is the highest quality method for extracting plant-based compounds. This is unfortunately also the most costly. If you want CBD oils, find a company that uses this technique.

Supercritical CO2 extraction employs extremely compressed carbon dioxide to separate cannabinoids from plant matter (typically, hemp) without the use of potentially dangerous solvents.

What Is CBD Tincture, And How Do You Use It?

CBD tinctures are not made from CBD-infused oil. Instead, they are alcohol-based.

Tinctures can be made from alcohol, which is a more affordable method of extracting cannabinoids. The process involves the soaking of hemp in alcohol to separate the cannabinoids. Ethanol, or high proof grain alcohol, is the most frequently used solvent to create tinctures.

CBD Oil And Tincture: Commonalities

Before we talk about the differences between CBD infused oils, and CBD tinctures it is worth noting a few commonalities.

CBD Oil And Tincture: What’s A Difference?

We’ve already talked about the similarities between CBD-infused oils, and now we can discuss how they differ.


CBD oil is superior in purity to tinctures. The best method of extracting cannabinoids is CO2. Tinctures made from alcohol have solvents.


MCT oil and oils such as it absorb cannabinoids far better than alcohol. CBD-infused oil is thought to have superior results than CBD tinctures.


CBD tinctures may contain additional ingredients like flavorings to enhance taste and preservatives in order to prolong shelf-life.

Although some people find the flavor to be harsh, others enjoy the plant-like aroma of CBD-infused hemp oil. Some companies add flavoring ingredients to their oil, but this is still not a common practice.

How To Select Quality CBD Oil/CBD Tissues?

Keep these points in mind when looking for CBD oil or tinctures that are high-quality:

Avoid Hemp Seed Oils

Many consumers mistakenly believe they’re buying ocbd oil when buying hemp seed oil. But these two extracts are entirely different. Hemp seed oil, also known commonly as hemp oil, is a concentrated oil from the seeds. It does not contain any cannabinoids.

CBD oil is a form of an extract from hemp that includes all cannabinoids as well as terpenes. CBD oils that are high in cannabinoid-rich hemp flower extracts are the best.