It is vital to know all the options available when contemplating therapy. There are many inpatient and outpatient options. Every patient will require a customized level of care. San Diego offers partial Hospitalization.

Before you decide on the best treatment center, you need to assess every area of care.

Soledad House uses neurobiological integrated therapy (NBT), which combines evidence-based therapeutic methods.

Soledad House offers both individual as well as group treatment. It is based both on our clinical expertise and the therapy goals set forth by the patients. Residents who spend the majority of their treatment hours in groups will not be able to receive the individual attention they desire.

Logistics: Are you impatient or outpatient? Are you able to work or must you take time off due to your medical condition? You prefer to be with your loved one or clean.

Medicine of Mind/Body: What type of mental disorder are you experiencing? You may experience muscle tension, night- or day sweats (or palpitations), gastrointestinal troubles, headaches, tiredness, and other symptoms. These symptoms can be relieved with only talk therapy.

Pricing IOP/PHP is usually less expensive than residential treatment. These facilities also provide personalized care. PHP or IOP may often cost half of the inpatient or resident costs.

Are you experiencing bothersome symptoms? Soledad House has many people who have lived with this disease for many decades. They require complete care that addresses all components.

People often benefit from partial hospitalization (PHP), where patients are admitted briefly. Continue reading to learn about a partial-hospitalization initiative in San Diego.

What Exactly Does Partially Hospitalization Mean?

Soledad House offers an exclusive approach to treatment for mental and addiction problems. We are committed to helping you find healing.

Intensive partial hospitalization program may provide as many as 20 hours of specialized medical care per week. Many mental health conditions affect everyone. There will be no one treatment program that is the same for everyone. While designing the best route to healing, we take into account your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Complex mental health issues can easily be addressed at home or in a residential setting. Patients do not need to travel long distances to receive treatment. Patients can still do their normal activities while they are in bed.

Partially hospitalization programs might include the following:

  • Complete diagnosis, ongoing improvement
  • Stabilization of the crisis, and an immediate relief
  • Panic episodes and despair can all be suppressed.
  • Outpatient benzodiazepine/alcohol detoxification
  • Couples counseling and/or Family Therapy
  • Body-Based Integrative Treatment
  • CBT/DBT/EMDR/psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy
  • You can reduce or eliminate acute symptoms permanently by using the neurobiological integration strategy.

What Are The Benefits Of Partially Hospitalized Patients?

Partially Hospitalized Programs are used as a link to inpatient and outpatient mental healthcare. There are several benefits to partial hospitalization. Partially Hospitalization Programs can provide all-inclusive, high-quality treatment at a substantially lower price. Partially hospitalization costs are often 25% to 50% more than inpatient residential treatment.

Partial hospitalization can prove to be beneficial. Patients want to be able to go back home and continue their regular routines. Patients receive high-quality mental care.

Partially hospitalized patients may feel more confident. Peer support can be a valuable tool for patients in partial hospitalization programs to feel more at ease in their everyday lives.

Extended evaluation is done to make sure that real-life integration occurs during partial hospitalization. Peer group members or therapists may help patients to filter through the noise of everyday life. There are many life-sustaining practices and skills available to you if you don’t live in a therapy bubble.

How Can I Locate Partial Hospitalization Programs?

Soledad House offers a womens-partial-hospitalization-program San Diego  Soledad House provides up to 20 hours per week of mental health care.

Soledad House provides additional services and is a leading treatment facility for people with mental problems.

  • PTSD Therapy
  • Depression treatment
  • Meditation
  • Integration of neurobiology

We offer treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. We approach addiction from the angle of mental well-being.

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