Perhaps your mom always insisted on you wearing sunglasses as a youngster, or your dad always kept extra pairs for you to use while riding your bike. But what if you really need sunglasses?

You can enjoy sunglasses as an accessory to your style, but they also have many health benefits. They reduce glare as well as prevent eye strain and help with vision. They have all this to offer, so here are the top five reasons to get high-quality shades and keep them on your skin.

1. Sunglasses Protect Eyes from the Elements

When you want to enjoy an outdoor adventure, your sunglasses will make all the difference. Dust, wind, and sand can all cause irritation to the eyes. Sometimes permanent damage can occur. Snow, though less abrasive in nature, reflects ultraviolet rays from the sun onto your eyes. Spending a lot of time on the snow without wearing sunglasses can result in “snow blindness”, a temporary loss of vision from overexposure due to the UV radiations reflected off the snow and ice. Sunglasses can prevent snow blindness and will keep you on the slopes more often.

2. Sunglasses Prevent Some Eye Diseases from the Sun

Exposure to the sun’s rays for prolonged periods can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, and pterygium. Cataracts refer to a clouding or blurring of the eyes’ lenses. Macular degeneration occurs when central vision is lost. And pterygium results in tissue growth around the eyeball. Protecting your eyes with sunglasses that offer UV protection is a good way to keep them healthy for longer.

3. You Will Be Able to See and Enjoy the View more than You Ever Have Before

Sunglasses are not only beneficial for your health but can also help you see clearly in bright light. They reduce glare as well as improve the colors and contrast of your view. You will be able to better appreciate your surroundings and drive more safely. Even on cloudy driving days, wearing sunglasses can improve your eyesight and reduce glare. When you go fishing instead of driving you will also be able better to see beyond the surface of the water, without the bright reflective glare.

4. If You Have To Take Care of Your Eyes during Recovery from a Procedure, Sunglasses Can Help

Corrective eye procedures are becoming more common. You should still wear sunglasses following the procedure. This will help your eyes heal. Your eyes will be protected from injury and your eyes will heal quickly.

5. This Will Help You Avoid Headaches, Migraines, and Other Symptoms

Bright sunlight can be a major trigger for headaches and migraine sufferers. The sun can be absorbed by sunglasses without causing severe pain or discomfort.

These Are Reasons Why you give Sunglasses as a gift to your Dad

Giving your dad sunglasses is a great way to show him that you care about him. Here are some reasons why giving sunglasses as a gift is a great idea:

1) They Make You Cool – You can look tougher than any other piece of clothing. In a world where everyone tries to be alike, sunglasses are an advantage.

2) Protect Your Eyes from the Sun’s Harmful Radiations – Sunglasses filter 98 percent of the sunlight. This can reduce sunburns and protect your eyes from skin cancer.

3) They Decrease Your Chances of Getting Sunburnt Eyes – Ringed eyes are one of the most common side-effects of too much sun exposure. The sunrays block the harmful light spectrum from causing eyestrain and prevent it from happening.