The role of candles has changed over the years from a functional source of light to one that is decorative and offers many benefits. Since at least 5,000 years ago, candles have been used to provide light and illumination for mankind’s celebrations. However, not much is known about its origin. According to experts, the first candles were created by ancient Egyptians. They used rush lights (or torchlight’s) that were made by melting animal fat and then soaking the pithy cores in the liquid.

Most of the changes that have had an impact on candle making today occurred during the 19th century. Chemists discovered how to extract the waxy substance from oil and refine it.

Even though candles may not be the primary source of light for man anymore, they are still very popular and widely used. Candles can symbolize celebrations, provide light to the soul, help with ceremonies, add beauty and elegance to any home, and signify love. They can instantly alter the mood of any indoor or outdoor setting, adding light without the need for an intense electric bulb. The gentle flickering light of candles creates a calm atmosphere and adds warmth. If you are looking for making candles in home, then you can contact Aussie Candle Supplies for candle making products.

Here are 6 great ways to use burning candles.

Ambiance And Atmosphere

Candlelight can create a warm, inviting atmosphere that cannot be replicated. It is possible to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home with a few carefully placed candles. The softening effect of a candle in a room can instantly make it feel welcoming and warm. You can do the Danish thing and light lots of candles to make your home a hygge.

Candles are known to have soothing, healing properties. They are used often by massage therapists to create a calm ambiance in their therapy areas. The simple act of lighting a flame, with its gentle flickering and soft glow, can soothe and ease the mind. You can try it next time you feel stressed. Light a candle, take a deep breath, and look at the flame.

Aromatherapy Candles will help you feel relaxed, calm, and energized, as well as help you get in a better mindset. Lavender lamps ease stress and anxiety. Eucalyptus candles can help improve focus and energy. The lemon candle is also energizing. It can reduce anxiety and depression.


Scented candles are an excellent way to add a pleasant fragrance to your space or cover up unwelcome odors. You can purchase a variety of scented candles in a variety of fragrance types, such as fruity and baked goods, floral & feminine, woodsy & masculine, and seasonal & celebratory.

Add fragrance without the soot. Candles made with soy candles are non-toxic, nontoxic, clean, and last longer than traditional paraffin.


You can benefit from burning candles to improve your health. Living a healthy lifestyle means taking care of yourself and taking care of your mind. Lightening candles can create the ideal atmosphere for calm and well-being. Burning candles can ease anxiety and help you to feel less anxious or afraid. Other health benefits include ear candling, which is used to eliminate earwax buildup.

Meditation & Prayer

Meditation is an excellent way to practice mindfulness. A variety of visualization techniques and manifestation techniques can be used to help you focus on the flames of a burning candle, while you send your wishes out into the universe. Candles can also be used for prayer.


With a little candlelight, you can keep that spark alive in your romantic relationship. Candles should always be kept on your nightstands. Light it when you feel the mood and increase the heat.


Like everyone has different tastes when it comes to music and fashion, everyone has different preferences for fragrances. By burning the scents you are passionate about, you can display your individuality. As with your style choices, don’t feel embarrassed about what you love. Embrace it! You do you. Even if your Patchouli candle doesn’t suit someone else, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad smell.

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