When wanting to keep up with jewellery fashion trends and have the latest styles, sometimes it can be easy to spend more than you had budgeted for. One way to get around this is to buy your jewellery and other items second hand. The majority of the time, buying second hand can often save you a lot of money whilst still getting a great standard of product.

Second hand no longer has the image of hand me downs, there is much more of an emphasis on the “vintage”, “retro” and “antique” element nowadays and it excites consumers. However, pre owned items still have a specific market which is ever changing as the concepts on second hand items change. Brands like T. H. Baker are actively trying to put more focus into their second hand ranges and highlight the impact they are having by stocking these collections.

Deciding on whether the second hand jewellery you want to purchase is sustainable is the perfect question to ask when you’re looking into taking the first step into consuming second hand items. In the grand scheme of things, yes, the purchase you are about to make is in itself sustainable. Choosing to buy second hand or pre owned jewellery is a way of contributing to a more eco friendly lifestyle. The item has already been created and purchased by someone prior to yourself, meaning it has already had a life and a story to tell; you will just be contributing to that story.

There are plenty of ways to previously used Pandora charms, however it is always better to purchase through a trusted dealer as sometimes it can be hard to spot fakes and replicas. It is normally very easy to spot a fake or replica just by looking at the item. There is normally a very clear difference to the knock off item you bought abroad last year. Always check the branding on the item, the majority of the time this will be slightly different to avoid any copyright issues that may appear. Again, the weight of the item is also normally a good indicator to its authenticity.

Second hand Pandora is just as good as brand new, with the bonus of collections of jewellery and charms being more varied as they will be items that you can no longer purchase directly from Pandora. There is no better place to purchase your second hand Pandora items than from us, with over 130 years of experience within the jewellery industry we are the ideal place to go when want to purchase any pre owned jewellery.

Of course you can always purchase your own Pandora items brand new, however to be more sustainable and save yourself some money it’s easy to buy used Pandora charms. Always purchase any second hand jewellery through an authorised retailer to ensure you get the best quality products. Head online to T. H. Baker or The Jewel Hut now and explore all the different pieces of second hand Pandora we are stocking. Make every moment special by choosing to purchase second hand and pre loved items.