Do you want to continue smoking tobacco, but are tired of the stench and smell of cigarettes? You should be searching for IQOS. You can quit smoking and get a clear picture of what it could do for you.

IQOS not only makes it easier to smoke but also has fewer harmful side effects. According to the IQOS Company vapor from this e-cigarette has less than 10% of the harmful substances found in cigarette smoke.

How To Start With IQOS?

To get started with iqos Thailand, you’ll need three things. These are the pocket charger and holder, as well as the tobacco stick. Place the holder into the pocket charger. Place the tobacco stick in the holder. You can then enjoy your smoke-free tobacco experience for approximately 6 minutes or 14 puffs.

Charge The IQOS Holder

You must keep your holder clean to maintain its durability and taste. It is better to clean the holder with your own hands every day. The holder and pocket charger can last for around 7300 cigarettes. The holder can be charged up to 20 times. It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes for the pocket chart to charge.

Close the latch before you put the holder in charge. To close the latch, remove any tobacco sticks that are in the holder. The charger will charge even if the holder is not in the pocket charger. Make sure to fully charge your pocket charger before you use it for the first.

To charge the holder, simply insert it in the pocket charger and push the button to turn it on. To reset the holder, press the on/off and cleaning buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. Do not panic if the tobacco stick is hot in the holder. It is normal for this area to heat up during use.

How Do You Clean The IQOS Holder?

To ensure the best experience, it is important to clean the holder. Daily Cleaning: It’s the heating blade of the holder, its sections, and the cap that need to be cleaned. It is enough to clean once per day. Clean it with the Cleaner or the Cleaning stick

Remove the cap completely before cleaning the device. The cap can be washed separately, but it must be dried before it is placed back on the holder. You can wash the cap with plain water only. Do not use any chemical cleaning fluids or chemicals.

Suitable Conditions For IQOS

The IQOS device can be used at 10 degrees Celsius to get the best tobacco stick taste. It can still function at different temperatures. It should be kept away from heat, water, sunlight, and high temperatures. To prevent damage, avoid storing it in heat sources such as a car.


IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco. This is the most important feature. It heats the tobacco and makes an aerosol which gives it the real taste. It allows you to enjoy tobacco without the use of fire, ash, or a strong smell.