A rabbit victor is a sex toy designed for vaginal havers. It stimulates two erogenous zones at once. In this case, it is the clitoris and the G spot.

A rabbit vibrator is designed in the same way as a normal vibrator, but it also has a secondary shaft that extends out from the main shaft. This second shaft stimulates the clit when the rabbit penetrates. The main shaft is slightly bent and may have a bulbous tip. This raises the pressure and intensity of the G spot.

Why Would You Want To Buy A Rabbit Vibrator?

Is the rabbit vibrator right for you? The rabbit vibrator is a favourite among vagina-havers because it’s so simple and brings joy. Here are the main reasons to get a bunny.

It works: They get the job done better than most sex toys. This is why rabbits are the most preferred sex toy for females, surpassing all other female toys. A rabbit is a great choice for anyone with a sexual desire.

It’s versatile: When you have a rabbit, you aren’t limited to one type of pleasure. If you are looking for solo fun, you can choose from vaginal and clitoral as well as both Y. Your rabbit can always count on you no matter your mood or needs.

It is customizable: The shafts have multiple vibrational settings, so you can choose the level of stimulation that stimulates your sheet-soaking pleasure. Many rabbits also have other actions, such as thrusting or pulsing.

It’s easy to use: It’s simple to use: The most important innovation of the rabbit vibrator is the ability to dual-stimulate with only one hand.No more double-handing, twisting your wrist or dildoing to reach the desired spot.

Which Rabbit Violator is the Best?

It’s hard to know which rabbit vibrator is right for us. Each person is unique. So are the ways they feel pleasure.You will be most successful if you start with a traditional rabbit and discover what you like. You can move on to rabbits with different shapes and sizes to satisfy your particular pleasure preferences.

While we can’t recommend the perfect rabbit for you, several factors can help to make your choice.Take a look at these features to help make your decision.


  • Rabbits can be of different sizes and lengths.
  • If this is your first time using a penetrative, sexy toy (such as a dildo), start with a standard length of around 8 inches and an average girth of 6-8 inches.
  • To satisfy women who love larger toys.

Power Source

  • Some rabbits use alkaline batteries. Others can be charged via USB cable.
  • The modern rechargeable bunnies are what we recommend, but some women prefer the old battery-powered rabbits.

Vibrational Setting

  • You can have more control over the intensity and frequency of your rabbit’s vibrations. This will allow you to reach your sweet spot much easier.
  • Rabbits are capable of varying from 3 to 50 vibrational settings.
  • More vibration settings are available for higher-priced rabbits.


  • Rabbit vibrators have various extra features and functions depending on which brand you buy and how much.
  • They include heating, pulsing, thrusting, remote controls, rotating bead, and many more.

Bliss vixen is only a partner of major brands. All our rabbits have been tested for safety. We make it easy to shop for an Arya rabbit vibrator.