Pallet racking comes in several shapes, sizes, and capacities to accommodate a wide range of products and warehouse layouts. Pallet racks’ capacities and applications are based on the kind of materials used in their construction. Steel pallet racks are the industry standard, and each rack can hold many tonnes of goods. Because every client has unique needs and preferences, the material handling industry requires a diverse palette of pallet racking options. Pallet Racks Supplier Malaysia comes in several different forms, each optimized for a specific use case. Regardless of the specifics, however, every pallet racking must have forklift access and components strong enough to hold palletized goods.

Different Pallet Rack Designs

  • Stacked Pallets

If it’s built well, cantilever pallet shelving can be used to store pallets. They serve the purpose of stacking and storing items that are too lengthy to fit on standard shelving units. The weight capacity of cantilever racks is adjustable to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of products. They are constructed with vertical columns, securing arms, and horizontal braces for added stability between shelving units.

  • Pallet Racking with Selectivity

Every pallet rack location is easily reachable from the aisle in a selective pallet racking system. Since it is possible to retrieve a pallet via shelving without relocating any other pallets, this pallet system has become the standard. Because everything is so readily accessible, loading and unloading are a breeze. There is no wasted time or effort in counting and tallying because of having to take a product from a pallet.

  • Pallet Racking with Two Deep Levels

Warehouses that are short on square footage but need to move goods quickly should invest in double-deep pallet racking. First-in, first-out (FILO) warehouse systems benefit greatly from their design. Similarly to selected racking, double thick pallet racking stores pallets two deep, one in the center of the other, on each shelf. The racks are stacked closely behind one another, with the first pallet on the shelf pushed back behind the second pallet. The second pallet is located one entire rack width rear on the shelf, therefore a special forklift will be needed to remove it. The number of aisles can be reduced and more space utilized with double deep pallet Gondola Racks Malaysia.

  • Forklift-Assisted Pallet Racking

If you need to store a lot of pallets in a small area, push-back stacking pallets is your best bet. While there are two pallets deep on each shelf, this system accommodates many more. When a pallet needs to be loaded onto a shelf, it is pushed back on a cart or shelf tray that rides on tracks installed in the racking frame. The system is perfect for the last-in, first-out (LIFO) storage method since it enables pallets of varying sizes to be stacked up to six high on a shelf.