As we know that CBD can offer us many health benefits, the question is which will be the best method to consume CBD. You can either take CBD tincture or take CBD edibles or prefer to dab CBD concentrates.

However, it has been found that vaping can produce best effects of CBD. However, you cannot vape all kinds of CBD oil. If you prefer to vape CBD then the best thing will be to use Aceite Vape de CBD which means in English CBD vape oil.

This is also known in the industry as CBD e-liquid. Let us first learn few reasons for vaping CBD.

  • Higher bioavailability

When we talk about bioavailability then we mean about the quantity of CBD that will enter into our bloodstream.

If we take CBD edibles then bioavailability is 4 to 20%

If we take CBD sublingually then bioavailability is 25 to 35%

If we vape CBD then bioavailability will be 56%

  • More convenient

Vaping can be very convenient option and all you will need is a suitable vaping pen that you can buy online.

  • Can control your dosage accurately

You can always control the intake of your CBD with vaping method more precisely as compared to any other method.

  • Can produce effects quickly

With vaping method, CBD can enter into your bloodstream almost immediately. In comparison to that CBD edibles may take about 30 to 90 minutes and tincture may take around 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Enjoyable consumption form

If you add your favorite flavor on the CBD liquid then vaping can be quite enjoyable method of consumption.

Which forms of CBD can you vape among the following?

  • CBD oils

CBD oils have triglycerides that contain omega 3 fatty acids and if you try to inhale then it can harm your lungs. So, you must avoid vaping CBD oil directly.

  • CBD e-liquid

Also known as CBD vape oil which has been particularly designed for vaping purpose? Here all the fatty acids will be removed and what will be left with is known as vegetable glycerin.

This substance can vaporize under low temperatures for producing thick, relatively cool vapor clouds.

  • Cannabis resin oil

Cannabis resin oil usually is unrefined and highly-concentrated cannabis oil, which can be vaped by using a vaporizer or you, can take orally.

Basic difference between this resin oil and the CBD oil is, CBD oil contains only little trace of THC, while cannabis resin will come with significant amount of THC level.

Few risks of CBD oil vaping

  1. Heavy metal contamination
  2. Allergy to few ingredients present in CBD vape oil
  3. Unknown adverse effects

CBD oil may be available in the market under many names. For vaping you must prefer to use any vape-compatible CBD liquid.

Certainly, there is a difference between swallowing CBD oil and vaping CBD oil. We hope that this article has succeeded in clearing up any confusion or misunderstanding in this regard.

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